We can help you determine if a move makes sense, including demographic and competition analysis and much more. Once you decide to move, we manage the entire real estate process and there is no cost for our services to you!

There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating a relocation of your current practice. How far can you move your practice and still retain your patients? Can the move be cost effective? What is the payback period for the additional investment? Is a relocation of the practice going to be necessary to attract a potential buyer in the future? Is it better to purchase or lease a new space?

At BND Dental Advisors, these are just some of the issues we analyze when working with dental professionals who are considering a relocation of their current office. Once it is determined that a move is desirable, we manage the entire real estate process including demographic and competition analysis, market research and negotiations. There is no cost for our services to you and we entirely represent your interests throughout the process.