Site Identification

We utilize numerous data sources to produce unmatched demographic and competition analysis. This scientific approach enables us to identify and recommend the most optimal location for your new dental practice. Growth, income, population density, median age and home ownership are just a few of the key demographic factors that we analyze.

When securing an appropriate space for your practice, it is crucial to identify the issues at the heart of the matter. We learn what drives your business model, tastes, preferences and goals. Do you want to retain a current patient base? Are you interested in visibility? Do you require proximity to referring doctors? Understanding these issues we can begin to identify potential locations.

There are many factors that can limit the feasibility of a given location. City codes, zoning regulations, parking deficiencies, tenant mix and other factors can terminate a deal before it even gets off the ground. A solid understanding of the entitlement process and the expertise of navigating smoothly through city hall departments enables us to cut through the red tape of bureaucracy. We will pin-point the locations that most closely fit your criteria and quickly eliminate the sites that don’t.

Once we have narrowed down the list of potential locations, we will tour the properties with you so we can further identify the elements that can impact your future success. Furthermore, we recognize that two locations within the same city can have vastly different demographics. At this stage, we can perform a comprehensive demographic analysis, allowing us to compare specific data for the locations on your short list.